Monthly Archives: August 2011

Top Three Lists Regarding Web Application Security

I recall a project I worked on a few years ago where I was tasked with overseeing the security of a website we were building. When I sat down with the chief programmer I wanted to discuss three types of vulnerabilities with him: cross-site scripting, SQL injection and information leakage. His response was simply, “I don’t know anything about this stuff and I don’t care. That’s your job.” While other web developers I have worked with aren’t generally so curt in their response, I have noticed...
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Top 10 “Must Follow” JavaScript Best Practices

JavaScript went on to become cult right after its launch due to its extensive list of features. It also gave programmers the chance to give their webpages a more eye-popping look and website visitors were happier than ever. Despite the large number of developers that sing the praises of JavaScript, there are those Internet users who see its dark side. Webpages using multiple JavaScript codes are slow to load and overuse of JavaScript contributes to making webpages look cluttered and ugly. In no time...
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Installing and Configuring a WAMP Server on Your Computer

There are times when we are so anxious to jump into creating something new that we forget to cover the basics. For web developers it is important, actually vital, to have the ability to test your projects locally before they go live. While much of the web relies on a Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP stack, or LAMP, to power applications and dynamic websites, not everyone codes in a Linux environment. Those who prefer Windows can still replicate how their code will work by using WAMP to replicate a live web environment...
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