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How To Change A Page’s Background As The User Scrolls

jQuery is great for adding enhancing effects that would otherwise be impossible with just HTML and CSS. In this tutorial we're going to use jQuery and two plugins to gradually change a website's background as the user scrolls the page. We'll be using the Color Animation and Waypoints plugins. The Color Animation plugin adds animations to the color properties of elements. jQuery already includes an animate function, this plugin simply extends it. The Waypoints plugin allows us to execute a function...

How to Secure WordPress Part 1 – The Basics

WordPress is easily one of the most popular web applications in use, and that makes it quite a target for malicious hackers using PHP injections, SQL injections, Cross-Site Scripting and many others to compromise blogs that are not secure. You see, WordPress made its bones on how easy it is to install and use. Users quickly get hung up on finding, or designing, the right template for the blog’s UI and activating all the plug-ins needed to enhance the site’s functionality. Unfortunately not many...
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