6 Best Magento Ecommerce Extensions

There are many useful Magento extensions that store owners can use to boost efficiency and profits. The only problem is in choosing the right one for your needs.

Most Magento extensions come with unique functionality, and so a simple comparison is impossible. Instead, here we’re going to roundup the most popular extensions for Magento-powered ecommerce.

1. Magento Onestep Checkout

This is one of the most popular extensions available for Magento. It compresses the multi-page checkout process into a single user-friendly page. It’s all made possible by an Ajax loading feature. This allows checkouts to render quickly and decreases cart abandonment. It also features an excellent mobile-friendly checkout.

It includes customer tracking, so you can see where your users came from; one-step checkout so users can create accounts from the checkout page; lots of theme options; and all Magento payment gateways.

2. Magento Store Locator

This extension allows customers to track down the physical location of your nearest Magento-powered store. It’s simple to use and easily integrates with Google Maps.

As well as providing the location of the store, the extension provides the best route to the store; it includes an advanced search feature; it allows store owners to add products to specific store locations, so customers can find the right outlet for them; it comes packed with SEO options.

3. Magento Event Calendar

This popular extension enables store owners to create and share upcoming events, and even sell tickets online. The venue address is shared using Google Maps.

The most notable features include custom messaging for essential event info; customer data collection; it allows you to add images or videos to a promotional page; the extension even allows you to create repeat events in the case of weekly, or monthly promotions.

4. Magento Photo Gallery

This extension allows you to display additional images on product and gallery pages, to supplement your existing images. This is immensely helpful for stores that use lightboxes for image displays.

This extension allows you to create as many photo galleries as you like, and display as many images as you need to; it enables multiple file uploads, so you don’t have to upload individual images one at a time; it offers keyword and description options for SEO; it helps you increase your sales by properly showcasing what you have on offer.

5. Magento Product Questions

This helpful extension offers store owners the ability to keep all FAQs that relate to their shop, or products, in a single place. It helps you provide better customer service and it helps customers enjoy your product more.

Key features include the option to have customers ask questions that aren’t included; an FAQ block that allows store owners to list potential questions; enables a variety of themes; gives customers the ability to like, rate, and reply to FAQs; it notifies the store owner when someone interacts with your FAQs.

6. Magento CSV Pricing

This extension allows store owners to calculate pricing based on location. It is a great extension for calculating things like shipping, or selling across territories. It’s highly accurate down into decimal places.

Notable features include allowing store owners to create labels that can be uploaded to the store; custom pricing matrixes on multiple or single products; uses a single CSV for all products.


These are some of the top extensions available for Magento stores, but this list is by no means extensive, there is a whole wealth of Magento extensions out there for you to discover.

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