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Adding Responsive Videos to your Design

Responsive designs are all the hype in Web development communities nowadays. With videos becoming an important marketing tool on many websites, there is a growing need to incorporate responsive videos into these designs. Responsive videos are elastic and are especially favored where web pages will be viewed on different screen sizes using a variety of browsers. Using the HTML5 video element however is not enough when handling video embed code that uses iframes and objects tags. Using the HTML5...

Slide Show Snippet with JavaScript

Many websites nowadays make use of sliders to highlight different content or pages but these slide shows usually appear at the top of the home page. Anyone who deals with content knows the power that images have to keep a reader engaged. In fact, most content creators try to scatter images throughout their text for this very purpose. But what happens if you marry the two concepts together? Taking the slide show concept and inserting it into the content of a web page... Begin by opening up the HTML of your...
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