Flat-file CMS Grav gets new updates

If you’re in the market for a CMS , the chances are you’ve already considered the big names: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla. You may not have thought about a flat-file CMS.

A flat-file CMS is a content management system that doesn’t need a database to run, and over the last 18 months they’ve grown increasingly popular.

One such system, is Grav. Just a year old, it has been updated this week with a bevy of new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

A fully dynamic CMS built on PHP, Grav is focused on speed and simplicity, making it easier to implement than most content management systems, with a better user experience.

Grav has been compared to Drupal — albeit a feature-limited Drupal. It uses Twigg for templating and YAML for configuration. Like the popular Ghost platform it uses Markdown for content.

Installing Grav is as simple as downloading the files and placing them on a server that supports PHP 5.4 or greater. Grav’s features include: a powerful markdown editor, one-click installs for themes and plugins, intelligent content-caching, dynamic content types, multi-language support, backups and restores, and theme inheritance.

Grav supports skeletons, which are basic stripped down themes, similar to a development theme in WordPress. It also supports themes, for control over site design. Grav also supports plugins, 72 of which are currently available ranging from simple forms to full carts.

Initially Grav had to be configured at a file level, no problem for developers, but tricky for clients; however it now boasts an admin panel courtesy of a plugin which delivers a comparable experience to managing a WordPress site.

One of Grav’s great strengths is its comprehensive documentation, which makes getting started with Grav extremely easy.

Grav is entirely free for personal and commercial projects. Originally built by RocketTheme but now largely community driven, Grav is open source, covered by the MIT license, and can be found on GitHub.

If you need a flexible and fast CMS, for any kind of project, take a look at Grav, it might be the perfect fit.

Benjie Moss is editor at DeveloperDrive. He's usually training for a marathon. You can follow him on Twitter @BenjieMoss. More articles by Benjie Moss
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