Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 4.6 launch for any developer on any platform

Jul 24, 2015 By
Developers and designers who’ve been wanting more freedom in their work can rejoice: Microsoft has at long last released the final versions of two development tools that are suitable for any developer working on any platform. Earlier this week, the software company unveiled Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 4.6, which improves the .NET framework further. Microsoft first announced the Visual Studio 2015 Preview and the .NET 2015 Preview at one of its developer conferences in New York City late last year....

What’s new in jQuery 3.0 & jQuery Compat 3.0

jQuery users and fans don’t always have major releases to look forward to, but that just changed with last week’s releases of jQuery 3.0 and jQuery Compat 3.0. The former supports today’s browsers and IE9-and-beyond environments while the latter supports IE8. (Both versions support Yandex. Browser, which was released in 2012.) You can get your files from the jQuery CDN or opt to link to them directly at: and
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AngularJS 2.0: what we can look forward to

Since its release, AngularJS has dominated the world of open source JavaScript frameworks. Being an extremely advanced client-side MVW framework, it has achieved widespread adoption and support from both individuals and enterprises. Developed by Google in 2009, Angular not only enhances HTML used in web applications but also simplifies development and testing tasks for developers. Even though the latest version of Angular (1.4) is both stable and highly performant, the AngularJS team has...
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How to get noticed as a web developer

Exposure: it’s what we all strive for and desire as freelancers. We want the exposure and recognition, and rightfully so. The bad part about it is that we aren’t alone — there are a ton of developers, at all different levels, attempting to get that same exposure that we’re all competing for. Another issue is that many developers don't have a solid strategy for what they're doing. They want to do it all and hope that something sticks. And trust me, there are so many different avenues we can choose...
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How to successfully implement modal windows

I know what you're thinking. “I hate pop-ups and they are annoying.” While that may be true for you, and I often think so too, the truth is that they work. I use them on my own website, and they are extremely useful and successful. Looking at the numbers, they can’t be beaten. The thing about pop-ups or modal windows is that you have to use them the right way. Today, we’ll be exploring some tips for modal popup design and implementation. Methods ... There are several methods for triggering pop-ups....
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25+ must-have WordPress plugins

WordPress plugins are coming out all of the time, right and left. Every day, they’ve got new ones in the WordPress plugin repository for the curious developer to check out. Over time, your average designer or developer will end up with a list of their favorites. Usually, they’re plugins that solve common problems, are up-to-date and well-maintained, with good support. With that in mind, we’re sharing a list of some of the best plugins out there. Disable Comments ... Disable Comments does......
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Can you overuse media queries?

When most people think about responsive web design, they think about a website that restructures and reforms to fit the device where it is being displayed. While this is true, few know how this is actually achieved. There are all types of different frameworks out there for building a responsive website. Most of them use media queries to get the job done. With all of the devices out there, at different screen sizes and resolutions, can you set up a media query for each one? Also, is there such a thing as too...
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How to build a simple reservation system

This article will provide a brief tutorial in using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL to build a simple reservation system. It is assumed you are already at least a little familiar with all these technologies, and the real purpose here is just to link them all together to accomplish a common task. It is intentionally over-simplified, because it is aimed at beginners. Scenario ... Let’s suppose our client owns a conference center where people can book rooms for conferences and other events....
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