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Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 4.6 launch for any developer on any platform

Developers and designers who’ve been wanting more freedom in their work can rejoice: Microsoft has at long last released the final versions of two development tools that are suitable for any developer working on any platform. Earlier this week, the software company unveiled Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 4.6, which improves the .NET framework further. Microsoft first announced the Visual Studio 2015 Preview and the .NET 2015 Preview at one of its developer conferences in New York City late last year....

What’s new in jQuery 3.0 & jQuery Compat 3.0

jQuery users and fans don’t always have major releases to look forward to, but that just changed with last week’s releases of jQuery 3.0 and jQuery Compat 3.0. The former supports today’s browsers and IE9-and-beyond environments while the latter supports IE8. (Both versions support Yandex. Browser, which was released in 2012.) You can get your files from the jQuery CDN or opt to link to them directly at: and

Project Maelstrom: a peer-to-peer browser for the Web

For the first time ever, publishers have a brand new way of distributing content, one that doesn’t rely on a web server. BitTorrent, the company that still maintains the protocol of the same name, recently announced the release of the beta version of its peer-to-peer browser. Project Maelstrom’s alpha was first announced back in late 2014. The differentiating factor behind Maelstrom is that it uses the very same, distributed protocols of its torrent clients. The result is a unique new browser...
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