Articles by Sebastian Green

Sebastian Green is a front-end developer at Matalan Direct. His passion is using the latest technologies to make the buying experience easy & enjoyable.

Migrating a WordPress site, the easy way

Sometimes you may want, or need, to move a WordPress website. It may be to move it to a new hosting provider or from a private development server to a public one. It can be done manually by following a few steps that involve accessing the servers, copying all the files and the database across, plus a few other things like changing some things in the database or the wp-config.php file. Sometimes one step will be missed, which means the copied WordPress install just won’t work. It can be a real pain sometimes,...

Control vertical rhythm using Sass and Compass

Good vertical rhythm on a website has numerous benefits: aesthetically the design will appear more balanced and polished; for the reader, the content will be more cohesive and easier to read. If you’ve ever read a content heavy website and found it hard for your eyes to jump to the start of the next line, it was probably due to a poor vertical rhythm. In the old days of print design, vertical rhythm was set using font sizes, line heights, margin and paddings, set in point (pt) size units. Today the same styling...

A transparent box: the case for developing from scratch

In all types of computer programming, be it web or desktop development, most developers don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Why spend your time and effort writing some code that someone else has already written? The code that is available ranges from small jQuery plugins, right up to full platforms which enable full applications to be built on-top of them. I refer to them as “black boxes”. Essentially you input some data at one side and get some different data out on the other side. In some cases you...
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