Articles by Dave Colgate

Dave is a professional Search Marketer working for UK SEO Company Vertical Leap. Dave has been doing SEO with VL for over 2 years now. He’s also a coffee and internet junkie who loves aviation and also writes on his own personal blog Square Squirrel.

Keeping Your Site Up To Speed With Speedy Gonzales

Speed. It’s an important factor in the recent Olympics, the Paralympics and even our day to day lives. Speed is also an important factor when it comes to Google. Their ethos concerns the provision of accurate, relevant search results delivered as quickly as possible to the user. To quote their Webmaster Guidelines: “Monitor your site's performance and optimize load times. Google's goal is to provide users with the most relevant results and a great user experience. Fast sites increase user satisfaction...

International Sites, Dupe Content and the Sitemap XML

Duplicate content in the world of SEO is a no no. You may be familiar with the on-going uproar caused by the series of animal themed updates Google has been rolling out over the past 18 or so months. Duplicate content was one of the targets of Google’s algorithm overlays during the Panda update that originally started back in February 2011. Since then, Google has been making monthly updates to this change and they think they’re pretty on par with how they’re handling it. With this in mind, duplicated...

Baking a New Site With a Sprinkle of SEO Part 1

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an SEO, a developer, designer, information architect or any other myriad of digital based roles, we all want the same outcome; to do the best we possibly can for our websites. As an SEO myself, I’m interested in growing the performance of my client’s website in organic search. This is not something that I (or any other SEO for that matter!) can do single handed. We also rely on the skill of the web developer to implement and carry out our recommendations and technical...
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