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Gerald Hanks has been involved in web development applications since 1996. He has designed applications with JavaScript, ASP.NET and PHP, as well as building databases in MS SQL Server and MySQL. He lives in Houston, Texas.

PHP User Survey Part V: Administration Layer

In the last piece on our PHP online user poll, we look at the administrative service and how the site supervisor enters, deletes and manages the poll data. The first poll administrative page checks if the administrator is logged in. You can choose from Session variables or Cookies to check the site administrator login status. Once the application has confirmed the identity of the site administrator, the page lists the available polls. The first step is to use the class methods and variables in the class.polls.php...

PHP User Survey Part IV: Presentation Layer

So far in this series, we have developed the data layer (database tables) and the business layer (PHP methods) for manipulating the data. In this piece, we will look at the presentation layer that is used to display the poll question and poll results. The HTML header will check for the presence of a cookie (in case the user has voted previously) and refresh the page if it has timed out. <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">...

PHP User Survey: Setting Variable Values and Reading from Tables

In Part I of this series, we started the process of creating user polls for a business web site. Part I gave the layout of the data layer and began the construction of the class file.  In this part we will continue with adding methods to the class file that will enable the administrator to set the variable values and read from the database tables. The setPollId($iPollId) method sets the value for the _iPollId variable.  Since the constructor method calls the setPollId($iPollId) method, we must...

Creating a PHP User Survey: Writing to Database Tables

In the first two parts of this series, we created the data layer that will hold the polling data and established methods for setting the variable values and reading from the database tables. In this part, we will build the methods that will write new polls and answers to the tables. The addPoll method adds a new record to the devdrive_polls table and returns a Boolean value that signals if the record was added successfully. function addPoll($aArgs) { // add a poll record $sql = "LOCK TABLES devdrive_polls...

Creating a PHP User Survey: Database Tables and Class File Constructor

User surveys can be an extremely effective marketing tool for any business web site. Visitors can make their voices heard on what products, services and information they would like the site to provide. Site owners can then adjust their marketing plans and promotions around the results of these polls. In order to build a basic user poll, we must first create the database tables that will hold the poll question and its various responses. Create the MySQL Polls Table ... First, we must build a database table...
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