Articles by Salman Siddiqui


Integrating AJAX with PHP Part I

AJAX earned its share of stardom once industry giants like Google Maps, Zoho Writer and Y!Mail Beta started to actively implement AJAX into their services. Though many webmasters out there are already using AJAX yet there is that section which is still unaware of its advantages. This tutorial will help the latter part enjoy hands-on experience with AJAX and PHP. I won’t be using jargons yet I am assuming that you understand the basics of HTML, PHP and JavaScript. What is AJAX? ... Well, AJAX won’t...

Integrating HTML5, CSS and PHP to Create a Very Basic Contact Form

HTML5 has made her presence felt around the Internet since its launch. HTML5 has been helping webmasters to clean up their code by utilising newly introduced features of the same. It won’t be possible for me to touch base with every HTML5 feature, but I will be listing down some of those during the course of this tutorial. Forms are an integral part of any website that wants its visitors to get in touch with the owner of that website. They bridge the gap virtually between the webmaster and the website visitor....

Top 10 “Must Follow” JavaScript Best Practices

JavaScript went on to become cult right after its launch due to its extensive list of features. It also gave programmers the chance to give their webpages a more eye-popping look and website visitors were happier than ever. Despite the large number of developers that sing the praises of JavaScript, there are those Internet users who see its dark side. Webpages using multiple JavaScript codes are slow to load and overuse of JavaScript contributes to making webpages look cluttered and ugly. In no time...
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