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Sue Smith works as a Web/ software developer and technical writer based in the UK: see for details. Sue has written for various clients including Smashing Magazine and Mobiletuts+. She also does a little Android development and some comedy writing.

Scaling Web Page Elements Using The CSS3 Scale Transform

CSS3 transforms allow you to apply various visual effects to the items in your Web pages, including scaling elements to either increase or decrease their size. The scale transform requires only a single CSS declaration, but to ensure your pages work in the different CSS3 supporting browsers, you do need to add amended versions of the declaration to your code. As with any transform, you can apply the CSS3 scale effect on user interaction, as well as using an animated transition. Create a Page ... Create...

Moving Web Page Elements Using The CSS3 Translate Transform

CSS3 offers a wealth of possibilities in terms of visual and interactive effects, even allowing you to create animated elements without the need for either Flash or JavaScript. In this tutorial we'll go through the process of translating a page element using a CSS3 transform. The translate function essentially moves an element by a specified distance along the X and Y axes. You do need to provide browser-specific code to create reliable transforms, but the technique is not particularly complex....

Using HTML5 to Determine User Location

Geolocation is one of the most exciting features offered by HTML5. Using some relatively simple JavaScript code, you can create Web applications that determine various aspects of the user location, including longitude, latitude and altitude plus more. Some Web applications can even provide navigation functionality by monitoring the user position over time, integrating with map systems such as Google Maps API. As with all HTML5 functions, you cannot yet rely on browser support. Where browser...

XML Schema (XSD): Using Compositors

In XML, you can use XSDs to define markup structures in varying levels of detail. Compositors are among the many XSD structures you can choose from when specifying your XML content models. The XML Schema standard supports three different compositor types, each of which indicates restrictions on the range and ordering of elements. In general terms, a compositor dictates (or describes) the composition of child elements within a parent element in an XML data source. Compositors often appear within...
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