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Developing a Responsive Website Part 4: Finishing The Homepage Portfolio Slider

This week we're going to finish up the portfolio slider on our homepage that we have already started. At this point, if you view your index.php file and scroll down to the secondary screen it should look something like this. We’re close, all we have to do now is plug in our jQuery elements and then add some CSS to make our secondary portfolio slider screen responsive. Go ahead and download the Java files you'll need from here, keep the js directory in your root folder and check out what out the image below...

Developing a Responsive Website: Secondary Page Part 2

We’re going to wrap up our tutorial on how to develop a responsive website this week by making our secondary page, well, responsive. We created our large layout for the page in our last tutorial, but now we want to make it fluid so that it will display nicely across various platforms, ranging from tablets and mobile devices to PC’s.  Let’s take a quick peak at what we’re working towards. Notice how once we hit the skinnier, mobile version of the site we go to a more vertical layout.  This makes it...

Developing a Responsive Website: Secondary Page

We’re going to begin to wrap up our tutorial on creating a responsive website this week by creating a secondary services page to feature the necessary, and important, content of our site.  Keeping a sites layout visually appealing is a crucial aspect of keeping a visitor on your site. Having a simple box filled with verbiage running from left to right is not very inviting, nor aesthetically pleasing.  When displayed like that, the sheer amount of text could be enough to cause your visitor to quickly...

J2EE 1.4 and Web Services

The J2EE platform is designed to provide server-side and client-side support for developing Web services and distributed, multi-tier enterprise applications. Web Services can provide unlimited functionalities by connecting with an existing service API or creating your own. If you can efficiently develop and deploy distributed applications and Web services for use on both corporate intranets and over the Internet, you will gain competitive advantage. J2EE ... The J2EE platform is architected...
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