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An introduction to HTML5, CSS3 and responsive design

In this tutorial we'll be dealing with some basic HTML5 additions and their uses. We'll also be creating a simple animated gallery using just CSS3 and HTML5 In making the gallery, we'll also try and deal with responsiveness and scaling the gallery for different resolutions and devices. Throughout this tutorial JavaScript will not be used! Step 1: Understanding the HTML5 additions ... There are lots of new tags in HTML5; today we'll be dealing with the some of the most...

PHP to Static HTML On The Fly

Data driven web sites are da bomb, in my not-so-humble opinion. The ability to drive information through a slim passage and have that information display, in various ways, is without a doubt amazing. Anything can be manipulated, altered, structured, added, removed and decided before it even hits the screen. Systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal have had their day in the sun. On the horizon are even more progressive, minimalistic UCGm [User Generated Content management] systems that will have...

W3C ‘Media Queries’ Proposal Boosts Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design took a big step forward on June 19, when a highly influential W3C Working Group published a draft recommendation stating that an additional slate of media queries should be incorporated into web browsers. The CSS Working Group's proposal would enable browsers to render web design layouts in a much more flexible manner, based on factors such as screen size, color depth, and device orientation. Media queries consist of a media type (ex. screen or print), combined with defining...
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