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Integrating AJAX with PHP Part I

AJAX earned its share of stardom once industry giants like Google Maps, Zoho Writer and Y!Mail Beta started to actively implement AJAX into their services. Though many webmasters out there are already using AJAX yet there is that section which is still unaware of its advantages. This tutorial will help the latter part enjoy hands-on experience with AJAX and PHP. I won’t be using jargons yet I am assuming that you understand the basics of HTML, PHP and JavaScript. What is AJAX? ... Well, AJAX won’t...

What The Heads Up Grid Can Do For You

There was a time when Netscape and Internet Explorer were the only browsers a web developer had to worry about. But in those days, a website primarily consisted of some text, a few images and some hyperlinks. Remember, tables were still all the rage back then. Nowadays a user may have a few different browsers to choose from, multiple computers running different screen resolutions, a tablet device and a smartphone. And websites, they are a bit more complex than the good old static days. So to meet the needs...
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