20 Best Sites Built with Ruby on Rails


Ruby on Rails became a popular web application framework because of how easy it promotes the rapid prototyping methodology used by web developers in rapid development.

Of course, being an open source project also helped Ruby on Rails establish itself as one of the most popular web development tools as well.

New developers often get caught up working with PHP over Ruby on Rails because so many applications are built using the PHP language like WordPress, Joomla, Wikipedia and others.

Because of its popularity, PHP has become one of the most popular “tools” for web developers and Ruby on Rails is often overlooked as a result. However, it is a bit unfair, and ignorant, to compare PHP to Ruby on Rails since one is an actual programming language (PHP) and the other is framework (Ruby on Rails).

To level the playing field, let’s take a look at some of the best sites built with Ruby on Rails:

1. Basecamp

The project management site that started the Ruby on Rails phenomenon.

2. Scribd

Using Ruby on Rails to help the world read, discover and share.

3. Hulu

One of the most popular places to watch your favorite TV shows, movies and Internet videos.

4. CrunchBase

The go to database for the tech companies, people and investors.

5. Slideshare

Share your slide shows with the world to educate, inform and even market your company, products or anything else.

6. Funny or Die

Will Ferrell and team’s humor site.

7. Zendesk

This customer support site turned to Ruby on Rails to help organizations better connect with their customers’ needs when it comes to support.

8. Github

Collaborative social coding hub for to better organize teams.

9. Yellow Pages

The online directory that replaced the phone book and saved millions of trees.

10. MedHelp

Online community focused on health and medical issues.

11. OneHub

Online collaboration portal for sharing files and managing your web development projects.

12. Freckle

Time tracking made simple with Ruby on Rails. Use this as a developer to track time spent on projects or look to it for inspiration.

13. Chowhound

Home to the popular food based message board where visitors can share tips related to dining, eating and food shopping in a local area.

14. Bleacher Report

Want to see how RoR can be used to develop a site that leverages user created content, look no further than Bleacher Report. This site allows users to upload articles and slideshows for other visitors to read and comment on.

15. Corkd

Some sites developed with Ruby on Rails are just for fun. Corkd is a social network connecting wine lovers from all over the web.

16. CrazyEgg

Better user experience comes from testing and data. CrazyEgg creates a heat map of your site showing where users have clicked so you can develop sites that visitors find useful.

17. Get Satisfaction

Allowing businesses to build communities where customers can speak up and businesses can build better products. Lean start-ups find this site especially useful for developing products based on their customer’s needs.

18. Jobster

Turning to the power of Ruby on Rails, Jobster allows visitors to search all of the different job site at once.

19. Twitter (in the early days)

One of the biggest social networking sites there is and probably the most famous of all RoR sites. Twitter has since abandoned Ruby on Rails citing concerns with scalability.

20. 43Things

The largest goal setting community to help people set and meet their goals while being encouraged by other members.

If you have any you think that I left off this list, please feel free to include your thoughts in the comment section!

By Jeff
Jeff is a freelance writer and the editor of Developer Drive. He writes on web development topics with a focus on web application security. In his spare time he coaches youth football and works as a technology coordinator for the Palm Beach County school district. More articles by Jeff
  • Like this. Twitter on ruby – mmm, great!

  • Liam Hammett

    You list each website with a number and then the name, except the last. Surely it should be “20. 43Things”?

    Also, great list! Although my favourite website built with Rails has got to be

    • Sverre Holen


    • Anonymous

      I think RoR is still used for the User Interface features but not for the back end search stuff which is what they are talking about in the article you linked.

      It makes sense as you have to use the appropriate tool for the job and using Ruby for queueing, batching, messaging etc isn’t what it was designed for as those things aren’t MVC based.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for pointing that out Tommy. Looking back the way it was written was a bit misleading.

    Twitter was built using RoR but abandoned it because of scalability issues after growing so big, so fast.

  • is also a very nice website based on ruby

  • Ruby is a programming language. Ruby on Rails was written in Ruby and is manipulated with Ruby code. PHPcake is a framework which copies a lot of features of the Ruby on Rails framework.

  • Les Quinn

    It does not shock me that Twitter dropped RoR because of scalability issues; the platform sucks. Basically, it has had these [scalability] issues since conception, and it’s for this reason (amongst others) that PHP is the platform to develop any kind of advanced application with today.

    • Anonymous

      Its hard to argue that PHP rules the web but RoR will remain popular because of the emphasis on lean startups getting a product out quickly and then responding to the marketplace. RoR is well suited for this type of environment.

  • I would add

  • Anonymous


  • Great list. The only thing I would add about twitter is that I have read that from developers at twitter that it wasn’t really about scalability issues. They ended up hiring a lot more people and it seems like when working on a bigger team that they thought scala would be better. It could possibly also show that you need a lot more programmers to develop something in scala then you need in ruby. Even if it is true though, twitter is an exception, not the rule. Not many websites have the traffic or userbase of twitter.

  • So, there are so many websites built with Ruby. Actually some of these are popular websites and I never expected they were on this platform.

  • Amazing these are so incredible and fantastic. I never thought that ruby on rails could do such great things. Superb post good job!

  • Ruby and Rails are rocking. All 20 sites are Terrific. You had done such a great job to collecting these best 20 sites.

  • Ruby on Rails is very famous and i am still learning it . Thanks for this post it will give me more ideas.

  • WOW collection!

  • On Rails because so many applications are built using the PHP language like WordPress, Joomla, Wikipedia and others.

  • However, it is a bit unfair, and ignorant, to compare PHP to Ruby on
    Rails since one is an actual programming language (PHP) and the other is

  • with PHP over Ruby on Rails because so many applications are built using
    the PHP language like WordPress, Joomla, Wikipedia and others.

  • This is a very entertaining read about Ruby On Rails. A lot of developers surely found this as both helpful and informative. Thanks for sharing.

  • Anand Vignesh

    Its really very Intresting.I just go through with all the sites,its really awesome and worth timespending. Thanks for such a post.

  • This is such an interesting post. Thank you for sharing such an entertaining and informative article.

  • sekmo

    Airbnb is also made in Rails!

  • Ruby is the best!

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