Code Snippet to Find the Number of a Certain Value in an Array (PHP)

I recently developed an application that sent variables into a mathematic function. This function needed to have a numeric count of the exactly how many zeros there were in a certain array. For this snippet, we can use both numeric and text based arrays.

I printed it using this code:

Our two example arrays will be:

$array_num = array(1, 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 5, 6);

$array_text = array(apple, apple, apple, orange, banana, banana);

We then put this array into array_count_values()

$count_array_num = array_count_values($array_num);

$count_array_text = array_count_values($array_text);

If we print $count_array_num we get this result:

Array ( [1] => 3 [2] => 1 [3] => 1 [4] => 5 [5] => 1 [6] => 1 )

if we print $count_array_text we get:

Array ( [apple] => 3 [orange] => 1 [banana] => 2 )

From these results, we see the exact number of each value in the respective array.

Then we can define the values that we want to know:

$value_num = '4';

$value_text = "banana";

Finally, we can use this code to get the count for how many times the number 4 shows up in our $array_num and how many times ‘banana’ is listed in $array_text.

$result_num = $count_array_num[$value_num];

$result_text = $count_array_text[$value_text];

And of course, echo the results!

echo $result_num;

echo '<br/>';

echo $result_text;

Now our page result will be:



And there we have it, now you can plug those variables in any where you’d like! Feel free to ask any questions below!

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