Some things can be extremely time consuming when it comes to the development process. It helps, especially when you are paid by the hour, to streamline as many processes as you can without sacrificing quality. That is where these CSS3 generators come in handy. 

Below you will find a list of very useful generators that can speed up your development process! Each one of the generators that I have included in this list are tools that I’ve actually used in some of my projects so they are tried and true, not just ones I found on the Internet somewhere. The criteria I used to choose the best tools to include in this list were the ones that are the easiest to use, and the fastest to implement into your design.

Gradient Generator

This is an awesome generator for gradients, extremely easy to use and lots of different options.

ColorZilla Gradient Generator is a great tool to generate code for border-radius, box shadow and opacity for an element. A live preview gives you a good idea of what your finished product will look like!

CSS3 Layout Generator

This is a good tool to help you generate a layout. This has many useful options, including automatically using the Eric Meyer Reset, keeping the footer at the bottom of the browser window and much more. Give it a try!

CSS Layout Generator

CSS3 Button Generator

This is a great tool to generate awesome looking buttons. With this tool you can set any option that you could think of. From custom gradients to multiple text shadows, you’ll have some great looking buttons!

CSS3 Button Generator

Subtle Patterns

This isn’t exactly a generator, but Subtle Patterns is the best place to get perfectly patterned backgrounds for your next project. Subtle Patterns has tons of designs that work perfectly together and are the perfect touch to give your page life. There’s over 250 patterns to choose from, both light and dark colors.

Subtle Patterns

Pattern Cooler

This is a great generator to make totally unique backgrounds. You can make them as bold or as subtle as you’d like. Pattern Cooler can give your project the perfect unique look.

Pattern Cooler


These tools can speed up your design process and give you amazing looking results. If you have additional suggestions, post the link in the comment and I’ll take a look! Enjoy!

By Todd Dunham
A web and application developer, based in Chicago, IL. Founder of Dragon Fruit Development (
  • joelnewcomer

    There is a tool out there that nobody ever writes about and it has saved me dozens of hours… it is called CSS3Ps… it blows all the CSS generators above (which I used to use) out of the water… did I mention it’s free?! I use it every day!

    • Black Book Operations

      Thanks for this link 😉 However, this is a PS plugin? Not exactly a web based generator which this article is about I guess. Still, going to try this one out soon.

  • Todd

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Daisy Bono

    Cool I think this would make the lives of a designer more comfortable and easier. Great research!

  • andy andy

    Another css3 code generator alternative is

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