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Manipulating HTML5’s native audio with JavaScript

HTML5’s native audio element will be a great way to avoid having to rely on third party plug-ins like QuickTime and Flash. The latest web browsers like Chrome 10+ and Firefox 3.6+ are already there with imbedded javascript libraries which provide methods and properties for manipulating the <audio> element. In this post, we’ll examine a few of the most important methods and discover ways to use Javascript to run audio files. NOTE:  Although this post focuses on the Audio object, these methods...
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Developing With The HTML5 Element

Videos have been a great way to attract viewers to a website long before YouTube launched back in 2005.  But it wasn’t until the release of HTML5 that web developers have had a lightweight solution to playing the video.  In the past, displaying a video on your site meant your viewer was required to have a Flash or Java-based player installed on their system in order to watch the video.  This was one more thing that would weigh down your site, causing pages to load slower, and be one more thing you’d...
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An Introduction to HTML5’s Video API

Since the late 90s, when embedding media elements like audio and video clips into web pages, developers have had to rely on third party plug-ins. Flash has become the go-to method for nearly all video sites, and has been widely used for audio embedding as well. Because of the nature of the Flash plugin, this has limited the accessibility of embedded media. With the introduction of the HTML5 media elements API, this has all begun to change. Now, many libraries and video players are being introduced that...
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