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Creating Bulletproof Email Buttons

Regardless of the social media networks that are popular at the time, email marketing will always be the number one way for a company or organization to connect with customers or clients. But, the average internet user has 2.3 email addresses and sends and receives an average of 112 emails a day. So what does that mean? That means your emails need to be clean, lean and quick to digest. With that in mind, I'm going to show you a great button replacement technique that will limit the number of images your email...

Common C# Build-Time Errors: Part I

Here’s the situation: You’ve written a program in C#. You’ve checked the flowcharts, examined your coding and developed your user interface. You’re anticipating that everything will flow as smooth as silk. You’re ready to create a build of the program and, instead of seeing a beautiful, efficient result, you get several (often incomprehensible) error message. How did this happen? Here are SOME ways that these errors occur: #1 Undeclared Variables ... C# throws an error message on undeclared...

Developing With The HTML5 Element

Videos have been a great way to attract viewers to a website long before YouTube launched back in 2005.  But it wasn’t until the release of HTML5 that web developers have had a lightweight solution to playing the video.  In the past, displaying a video on your site meant your viewer was required to have a Flash or Java-based player installed on their system in order to watch the video.  This was one more thing that would weigh down your site, causing pages to load slower, and be one more thing you’d...
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