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Enhancing WordPress Functionality with BuddyPress

A few weeks ago, I was working with a fellow developer and trying to figure out how we could enhance the functionality of a Wordpress website that required managing visitor logins. The site, which was for poets and writers, would allow visitors to set up accounts, submit content, interact with others on the website and share content to outside circles on Facebook and Twitter. After scratching our heads for a number of days, we came to the conclusion that BuddyPress would provide the needed solution....

Developing a Responsive Website: The Footer

At this point we’re just about done with the homepage of our responsive website. We’ve got our navigation in place, our background images resize nicely, and our other elements are able to resize and adjust to various screen resolutions. Today we’re going to focus on tying the page off with a footer. I’ve always admired sites that put some thought in to the bottom of their page design. There are certainly times when a footer requires nothing more than some basic contact info and maybe a copyright...

Forget the Plugins, Try These WordPress Hacks

WordPress is undoubtedly one of the most popular tools on the Internet because it makes it so easy to get a functional web site up and running in such a short time. And then there are the plugins. If you want your WordPress site to do something then odds are there is a plugin that you can install to make your site do what you want it to do. But plugins pose a bit of a problem at times. Since they are created by third-party developers you never know what quality control practices are used and what security testing...
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