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SEO and Web Development: Pros and Cons of Sitemap.xml

When designing the architecture and navigational structure of a web site, a sitemap can be extremely helpful. A sitemap can keep the navigation links organized by category, predict how any dynamic links will function, and keep the framework under control. Web developers are not the only parties involved in the process who can benefit from a well-structured sitemap. Many search engines, including Googlebot, can crawl through an XML file that contains the sitemap data to crawl and index the site's...
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Creating First Animations With CSS3 Using Keyframes

One of the main reasons the emergence of CSS3 has been so hotly anticipated is the fact that, in combination with HTML5, it will pose a genuine alternative to technologies such as Flash. With CSS3 and HTML5, you will ultimately be able to create animated, interactive multimedia applications that will be accessible to users regardless of whether Flash is supported in their environment - great news if you're developing Web apps for iOS or for mobile users in general. In this tutorial we will create a simple...
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SEO for Web Developers Part 2

Some experts say search only drives 30 percent of a website’s traffic. While that may seem insignificant, that 30 percent often makes up visitors who are looking for the products, services or information specific to your company so losing them could have a significant impact on how well an organization performs. In part one of this series we looked at some things that web developers need to consider when it comes to search engine optimization, but now it’s time to step up to the plate. Let’s roll...
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Developing With The HTML5 Element

Videos have been a great way to attract viewers to a website long before YouTube launched back in 2005.  But it wasn’t until the release of HTML5 that web developers have had a lightweight solution to playing the video.  In the past, displaying a video on your site meant your viewer was required to have a Flash or Java-based player installed on their system in order to watch the video.  This was one more thing that would weigh down your site, causing pages to load slower, and be one more thing you’d...
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