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30 most useful jQuery plugins

It seems as if the internet is filled with hundreds, if not thousands of jQuery plugins, sometimes it can be a little hard to keep track of all the new plugins, and therefore we have decided to bring you some of our favorite plugins, here is a list of 30 must see plugins. They cover all areas such as Form & Validation Plugins, Plugins for Responsive Layouts, as well as Web Typography Plugins, Animation Plugins and all sorts of other plugins. Do you think we have forgotten any plugins? If so then feel...
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Developing a Responsive Website Part 2: Navigation and Content

Now that we’ve got our background images squared away and set to break themselves down nicely across various devices and screen resolutions we can look in to populating our home page with some content. Let’s begin with our header. I always like using a separate file for all the things that will stay uniform throughout my site, header, logo, navigation, etc. That way if I need to make a minor edit down the road I just have to edit the header file, which is then pulled in to every page with a simple PHP include...
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Developing a Responsive Website: Background Images

A while back we took A Look at Responsive Web Design and how different designers utilize it in different ways.  Now that we’ve seen a few examples in action, let’s create a responsive website of our own.  In this installment we’re going to set up the structure of our homepage and add in a few media queries that will help the site load quicker, navigate better, and keep our desired appearance across multiple devices, platforms, and resolutions. Before we dive in to the HTML, let’s cover the “viewport”...
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A Look at Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is widely thought of as a design trend, but it’s much more than that. It is an approach to web development that allows a website to break itself down smoothly across multiple monitor sizes, screen resolutions, and platforms, be it a computer, tablet or mobile device.  It allows the developer to create a site that is optimized for each platform, both in navigation, readability and load time. In this tutorial, we take a look at what responsive web design entails for the developer....
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CSS3 Media Queries: Part 2

With an emerging market of innovative mobile devices it has become more important to create responsive designs. In my last article (Part 1) we started with the setup of our HTML and our media queries. The pad.css was the easiest to format due to the change in the screen resolution. I saved the formatting of the handset for the last part of this series because it's the device that will start to see changes to our fluid layout. Every site developed without flash content is mobile compatible but is the content...
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