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Adding Responsive Videos to your Design

Responsive designs are all the hype in Web development communities nowadays. With videos becoming an important marketing tool on many websites, there is a growing need to incorporate responsive videos into these designs. Responsive videos are elastic and are especially favored where web pages will be viewed on different screen sizes using a variety of browsers. Using the HTML5 video element however is not enough when handling video embed code that uses iframes and objects tags. Using the HTML5...
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Designing a Clean Website: Gradients

This is our third installment of how to design a clean a minimalist website. First we looked at navigation and how to make an accordion style drop-down menu with pure CSS3.  Then we moved on to laying the site out and went over rounding corners and applying drop shadows with CSS3. Now we’re going to look at how to create a gradient with CSS3 and apply that to a few of the elements in our homepage. We left off in part two after we pulled our header, navigation and main image in to our layout.  Now that we have...
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Developing With The HTML5 Element

Videos have been a great way to attract viewers to a website long before YouTube launched back in 2005.  But it wasn’t until the release of HTML5 that web developers have had a lightweight solution to playing the video.  In the past, displaying a video on your site meant your viewer was required to have a Flash or Java-based player installed on their system in order to watch the video.  This was one more thing that would weigh down your site, causing pages to load slower, and be one more thing you’d...
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