12 Best WordPress Podcasts

With so much going on in the WordPress community on a daily basis, it can be hard to keep up with the latest news. Though there are certainly a large number of blog outlets and articles dedicated to this exciting niche, there’s limited time during the day available for actually reading all of the related content.

One of the newest and biggest revolutions in content consumption is streaming on audio. Audiobooks are one way to consume content, but involve a fairly substantial investment of time to actually finish a complete book (longer than actually reading it). Podcasts are a more low commitment and convenient way to stay up to date with your industry of choice, while learning new skills in the process.

Podcasts can be played in the background of doing tasks that don’t consume your complete attention, and you can use podcasts to stay updated on the latest WordPress news and topics that may help you and your business. Listening to audio can easily fit into your life during a commute, waiting before an appointment, or even during a gym session.

Regardless of how you decide to fit podcasts into your life, here are the top WordPress podcasts to listen to for staying up to date with the WordPress community.

1. Matt Report

Matt Medeiros, the founder and host of Matt Report, started his podcast in October of 2012 with the goal of connecting to the WordPress community and helping them to start and run their digital businesses. On Matt Report, he interviews consultants, bootstrappers, and business owners.

Some topics he’s discussed during his podcast include general online business considerations, like:

  • How to build an online community
  • How to find an angel investor for small startups
  • Creating an online course

2. The WordPress Chick

The founder and host of this podcast, Kim Doyal, is also known as The WordPress Chick. Doyal started the podcast in 2013 with no grand plan, just a commitment to show up and do things her way.

Through The WordPress Chick, Doyal shares her passion for business, geeks out over tools and plugins, and casts a spotlight on others in the same online space. She also uses her podcast as an opportunity to transparently document her own online business journey.

Some of the topics Doyal discusses during the podcast include a focus on tactics, such as:

  • Organic Facebook marketing
  • Content planning & creating
  • General WordPress development tips
  • How to run social campaigns

3. WPwatercooler

WPwatercooler is a podcast created specifically for WordPress developers. Its creator and host Jason Tucker interviews people from the community each week to talk about WordPress and how it’s changing businesses and people’s lives.

WPwatercooler topics always come back to WordPress, focusing on specific activities like:

  • Managing events using WordPress
  • Structuring your data in WordPress
  • Structuring your WordPress projects
  • Documentation for your WordPress project

4. WordPress Weekly

WordPress Weekly is a WordPress-related podcast run by WP Tavern’s founder Jeff Chandler and mega-marketer and WordPress genius Marcus Couch. Together, Chandler and Couch talk about the latest community news and conduct interviews with well-known members of the WordPress community.

The WordPress Weekly podcast topics focus on current events and different individuals, but you can expect the conversation to include things like:

  • WordPress Meetups, events, and WordCamps
  • The latest WordPress news
  • Themes, plugins, and WooCommerce

5. OfficeHours.FM

OfficeHours.FM is a WordPress podcast that targets freelancers, small business owners, and other related parties providing WordPress based products or services. Its host, Carrie Dils, interviews people from the WordPress community to talk about their stories and what they’ve learned throughout their careers.

Many of the topics covered on OfficeHours.FM include a focus on general small business processes and productivity, including things like:

  • Project management strategies and tactics
  • Providing ongoing client services
  • Onboarding clients for success

6. kitchensinkWP

kitchensinkWP is a podcast about everything WordPress. Its host, Adam Silver, wanted to find a way to give back and share the things he has learned about WordPress throughout his career, and a podcast was his ideal medium for doing so.

Through kitchensinkWP, Silver talks about the latest news and events in the WordPress community, interviewing popular WordPress professionals in the process.

Some of the topics that come up during kitchensinkWP include things like:

  • Setting up redirects
  • Building a site with an iPad
  • Handling ownership and licenses of premium themes and plugins

Here’s a kitchensinkWP episode featuring the writer of this article.

7. Post Status Draft

Post Status Draft is a WordPress podcast that covers general news and information for WordPress professionals. Hosts Brian Krogsgard (creator and editor of Post Status) and Joe Hoyle (co-founder and CTO at Human Made) set forth interviews, conversations, and editorials for the WordPress community.

Topics covered on Post Status Draft run the gamut, but have included things like:

  • Maintaining legacy WordPress websites
  • Editing and customizing core focus areas
  • Building a healthy remote company
  • The art of being a self-employed web consultant

8. Mastermind.FM

Hosts Jean Galea (founder of WP Mayor, and creator of the WP RSS Aggregator and EDD Bookings) and James Laws (co-founder of WP Ninjas) are the masterminds of this WordPress podcast. Mastermind.FM is where Galea and Laws share wisdom from their own experiences, as well as those from other successful entrepreneurs.

Mastermind.FM could be described as a podcast perpetuating WordPress business thought leadership, covering topics such as:

  • Business analytics
  • The theme market
  • Growth hacking: create, connect, deploy, succeed

9. Hallway Chats

Hallway Chats is somewhat of a new podcast that shares the stories of marketing consultants, content creators, project managers, designers and developers—all with some sort of tie to WordPress.

Hosts Tara Claeys and Liam Dempsey share advice, tips, stories, and experiences from the people in the WordPress community that empower listeners to understand that their own challenges are shared by a wider community, regardless of the specific roles they play.

Some of the topics they’ve discuss during podcast so far include:

  • How to use processes and software
  • Managing content and community projects
  • Web literacy

10. Your Website Engineer

Your Website Engineer is a WordPress podcast that aims to help listeners create a great looking website. Host and creator Dustin Hartzler is a huge fan of creating podcasts, which is why he spends his time creating this type of content. Each show focuses on just one topic so you can drill down on picking up a new skill.

Some of the topics covered in Your Website Engineer include things like:

  • Setting up and configuring a custom email address
  • Exploring hooks, actions, and filters
  • WordPress template hierarchy
  • WordPress.com for business

11. Apply Filters

Hosted by Brad Touesnard (founder of Delicious Brains) and Pippin Williamson (creator of Easy Digital Downloads), Apply Filters is a WordPress podcast that covers everything from development in WordPress core, to plugin and theme development.

During Apply Filters, hosts Touesnard and Williamson share their own stories in the development world and also invite guest developers to share their stories.

Some of the topics discussed during Apply Filters include things like:

  • WordPress development challenges
  • Advanced Strategies vs. Just Shipping
  • How to build a batch processing process
  • Growing through strategic acquisitions

12. WPInnovator

WP Innovator is a podcast about WordPress, marketing, strategy, and agency life. Host Lee Jackson interviews entrepreneurs and agency owners about their experiences.

Some of the podcast topics published so far include things like:

  • Page builder frameworks
  • Systemising for profit
  • Making more sales with Woocommerce

Top WordPress Podcasts For Staying Current with the Community

By tuning into one or a few WordPress podcasts, you’ll be able to stay up to date with the community during your downtime. The trick is just focusing on a few, as trying to follow every episode of all podcasts listed may not be relevant to you, and will certainly consume a large chunk of your time. Pick and choose the WordPress podcasts that best fit your current (or aspirational) position.

Maddy Osman creates engaging content with SEO best practices for marketing thought leaders and agencies that have their hands full with clients and projects. Learn more about her process and experience on her website, www.The-Blogsmith.com and read her latest articles on Twitter: @MaddyOsman. More articles by Maddy Osman
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