5 Platforms for Building Apps without Code

With the growth of cellphone usage, mobile applications have evolved to be among the most used platforms.

Developers have also honed their skills in mobile app development to serve the growing need for mobile applications.

In the recent past, you had to be a developer (or look for a developer) to build a mobile application. However, this has changed with a number of very good platforms that allow a person to simply create a mobile app in a relatively short period of time. In this article, we are going to discuss a number of these platforms.

1. AppMakr

AppMakr is a cloud based application that can be used to make Android, HTML5 and iOS applications. It is considered as among the best, and does not give restrictions to the number of applications one can build or the updates for an existing application. Some of its best features include:

  • A high resolution photo gallery
  • Support for push notifications
  • Supports live updates
  • Support for video and music streaming
  • Chat rooms
  • Integration with Google maps
  • Mobile shopping and calendars
  • Ability to monitor your applications on the platforms dashboard
  • Ability to change functions and appearance of your applications

The platform is free to use, but there’s a one-time fee of $99.

2. GameSalad

GameSalad is another free platform for building mobile applications, but it is specially made for building game applications for macOS, iOS, Android and HTML5 platforms. This app uses a drag and drop interface and does not require one to have any programming knowledge to use it. It has an operation where characters in a scene can be edited, their features designed and their sound and alternation designed. Some of the most notable features of GameSalad include:

  • Drag and drop interface
  • In app shopping
  • Allows the use of GameCircle APIs
  • Users forum where the platform users interact and get opinion on their applications

It is free to start using this platform, but subsequent use will see one part with up to $299 a year.

3. Appy Pie

Appy Pie is another platform using a drag and drop interface, that allows users with no programming knowledge to build applications for iOS, Windows and Android platforms. After designing the application, it allows one to publish it on either iTunes or Google Play.

Applications created by Appy Pie work on all platforms when complete, and are HTML5 based. They also work on Blackberry. Other notable features of Appy Pie’s applications include:

  • Support for push notifications
  • Ability for one to view analytics and in real time
  • Ability for one to monetize with adverts
  • Support for the use of GPS in tracking locations
  • Support to link the application to external media such as websites, audio, blogs, media feeds among others
  • It has support for appointment scheduling with QR codes and One Touch Call where the developer can have iFrames and custom code

This platform can be used from a free subscription, and a monthly subscription of $33.

4. Appery

Appery is considered one of the easiest and fastest platforms to use in building mobile applications. Everything is done on the cloud and there is no need to download and install anything or even write code. Creating the application’s user interface involves the use of a drag and drop interface and supports Windows phones, Android and iOS platforms.

One of the outstanding features of the Appery platform is the availability of a plugin catalog which allows one to add many functions to their application. It also allows one to create their own plugins that can be specific only to their application. One can also share applications with developers, users and customers. Using the Appery platform can cost up to $180 a month.

5. Swiftic

Swiftic was originally known as Como. It is an application building platform allowing a person to build their own mobile application with zero development knowledge. Its support and the availability of many features that enable engaging customers and making money makes this platform rank as one of the best available.

An application made using this platform can make a person look like a very good developer. It is very easy to use, involving just a number of very simple steps and many categorized themes. The app builder only needs to select a category that their applications falls to, select the appropriate theme and then publish it.

Some of the outstanding features include:

  • Ability to keep track of the app by the use of advanced analytics. This enables the app builder to know aspects of the application like what works and what needs to be changed
  • It uses a drag and drop interface for building the app
  • Supports mobile commerce
  • It allows review of the app by other users
  • Support for coupons and loyalty programs
  • Allows one to create custom menus
  • Support for social and RSS feeds
  • Allows one to customize the function and look of the applications
  • Supports monetization of the application
  • It has support for push notifications

This platform has a free version, but upgrading it might be a little bit expensive compared to the other platforms. Its price ranges from $29 a month if paid for two years, $33 a month if paid for a year and $39 if paid on a monthly basis.


The platforms we have discussed here are all cloud based. This is very important since it allows a developer to publish the application and make any revisions that they might need to make in real time. They all have a free version but require payment beyond an initial period or stage.

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