Articles by Charles James

Applied Philosopher and Programmer, specializing in PHP, jQuery, CSS. His approach to Web Development is a modern, minimalistic hybrid of logical-creative. Full-time web solutions developer, as well as part-time writer. "I enjoy teaching, learning and exploring new and challenging aspects of digital fandango!"

PHP to Static HTML On The Fly

Data driven web sites are da bomb, in my not-so-humble opinion. The ability to drive information through a slim passage and have that information display, in various ways, is without a doubt amazing. Anything can be manipulated, altered, structured, added, removed and decided before it even hits the screen. Systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal have had their day in the sun. On the horizon are even more progressive, minimalistic UCGm [User Generated Content management] systems that will have...

PHP Web Page Security Generator Script Tutorial

This tutorial outlines the Captcha objective, how-to design and code your own security script, using PHP. Although considered by the masses to be a very complicated maneuver, protecting web pages, as well as internal elements of those pages, is actually quite simple. So, why are these Captcha and ReCaptcha solutions so complicated and difficult to use? The only honest response I can give you is: marketing. No matter what anyone tells you, at the end of the digital day, these beautifully designed,...

Create Custom Username RSS Feed Using PHP

So, you built a website with an amazing strength of potential for millions of internet aficionados to venture, read information, blog, whatever --and maybe make you a few pesos in the big scheme of things. There is a simple, yet powerful tool to gain traffic through: RSS. RSS means Really Simple Syndication. To syndicate just means gather all the information in once place, where people can subscribe via their web browser, to an article list. But, the words "really simple" on the programming side, are...
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