Deal of the week: HTML5 photo template bundle

It doesn’t matter how great your photos are, if they aren’t presented well, odds are that no one will ever see them.

The best photographers rely on sophistacted image galleries to present their work. And now you can too, because our sister-site,, has managed to arrange a 94% discount of this bundle of amazing HTML5 image galleries.

You’ll be spoiled for choice by what’s on offer here; not one gallery but 18 complete HTML5 galleries designed to place the focus on your shots.

However you prefer to display your images, you’ll find a gallery here to satisfy your needs:

Infinite Photo Grid is a fluid and responsive gallery featuring a lightbox effect.


HTML5 Gallery / Banner includes 16 different transitions including the popular Ken Burns effect.


Horizontal Gridfolio Pro is a fully responsive grid plugin.


HTML5 Carousel is an HTML5 version of the popular 3D carousel effect made famous by Flash sites.


HTML5 Coverflow is an HTML5 version of Apple’s famous coverflow design.


Royal 3D Carousel is just like HTML5 Coverflow, but with even more 3D impact.


HTML5 Flow Responsive Slider is the perfect image gallery for photographers who love minimalism, a great responsive solution.


HTML5 Gallery / Banner with Buttons has all the great transitions of the HTML5 Gallery / Banner, but this time, you guessed it, with buttons; great for when you want your users to be active in selecting images.


Easy 360˚ Product Viewer is a brilliant solution for displaying 360 degree shots of your products across desktop and mobile devices.


HTML5 Photo Gallery – Resizable Album Grid XML is a resizable grid, perfect for showing off your whole collection of images at once.


HTML5 Random Gallery Slideshow uses hardware acceleration to produce superb performance on both desktops and mobile devices.


Responsive Slider Gallery is a responsive gallery perfect for mobile, it can even be embedded in WordPress.


HTML5 Zoomer Plugin FWD is a great image navigator for browsing oversized images on a web page.


Megazoom Image Viewer is an image viewer for very large images, great for panning maps, high-res product shots and diagrams.


Responsive Gridfolio is a fully responsive media grid and presents your content in a fantastic grid, for maximum visual impact.


Responsive Slideshow Photo Gallery Grid is a flexible and responsive grid, using vanilla JavaScript and no dependencies.


HTML5 Dock Menu Gallery uses Apple dock-style navigation for intuitive selection of images.


Royal 3D Coverflow is an advanced 3D version of Apple’s coverflow design that includes support for Vimeo, YouTube and iFrames, as well as your photographs.


The retail value of these 18 fantastic HTML5 gallery plugins is $863, but for a very limited time, you can grab them all for just $49, that’s an incredible saving of $814!

To take advantage of this offer head over to today.

Have you used any of FWD’s HTML5 galleries? Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

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