Deal of the week: Lunchbox Slab Serif

One of our very favourite deals of 2013 was for the lovingly crafted Lunchbox font, from Kimmy Design. So we were delighted when we found out that our sister-site,, had managed to arrange an equally awesome deal on the companion typeface, Lunchbox Slab Serif.


The hand-drawn quality of Lunchbox Slab Serif gives it a real, honest feel. You can almost imagine a waiter chalking it up on a board.



Just like its sibling, Lunchbox Slab Serif is ideal for any project that you want to introduce a sense of wholesome fun to — ideal for signage; imagine farmers’ markets, vegetarian restaurants, icecream brands; you might even try crafting a high-class wine label with it.

All hand-drawn typefaces run the risk of losing some of the illusion of craft, as the little organic imperfections get repeated, Lunchbox Slab Serif solves this problem by providing no less than 4 alternatives for each character. So no matter what your content, you’ll always be able to maintain that hand-drawn aesthetic.




Lunchbox Slab Serif includes over 1500 different glyphs across 3 different weights. But that’s not all, you’ll also receive over 200 ornaments, each one with its own stylistic alternatives; a complete set of small caps, each with 4 variations; and a full set of swashes, designed to work with both the regular and stylistic variations.






Lunchbox Slab Serif is a superb typeface, but it’s even better when combined with its sibling Lunchbox, which also features the variations, ornaments and swashes that Lunchbox Slab Serif boasts. In case you didn’t manage to grab it first time around, MightyDeals have also extended their Lunchbox deal.

You can download the desktop version of Lunchbox Slab Serif for $17 or get the desktop and web versions for just $25, that’s an incredible saving of 72%! Its sibling Lunchbox is available for $17 for either desktop or web version, or $25 for both, which is also a 72% discount. Head over to to grab these sensational fonts today.

Have you used Lunchbox in a project? Are you excited about the release of Lunchbox Slab Serif? Let us know in the comments.

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