Quality Virtual Private Servers for web developers and designers

I would like to provide an outline of (mt) Media Temple’s virtual server hosting. This is a review that aims to present essential aspects of their DV Managed and DV Developer hosting services.

DV Developer is the answer to every web developer’s dreams

DV Developer works exclusively with Linux, and is crafted especially for seasoned developers, who are basically left to their own devices and unencumbered in the process of creating everything from scratch. And true enough, as far as software is concerned, the user has no line on the horizon. He\she is also responsible for server backup and administration.

Nevertheless, (mt) Media Temple takes full charge of uptime, hardware, or SSH availability. Interestingly, high-speed RAID-10 SAS disks are used here, and they happen to be ideal for data centers.  

It is necessary to mention that DV for developers comes with Parallels Virtuozzo Containers, and therefore has proficient settings and diagnosing tools which enhance system performance while minimizing the chances of overhead. The Parallels PowerPanel does a fast job out of rebooting, backing up, repairing or rebuilding the server.

What is more, you can scale from 1 GB to 32GB, or scale back if you reckon that you no longer need all that memory (RAM) anymore. This is big because it proves just how powerful (mt) Media Temple’s virtual private hosting is.

DV Managed is tailored for reselling

(mt) Media Temple’s DV Managed is just right for designers who resell hosting to their clients. While allowing for a straightforward and simple allotment of resources for every client in particular, and giving each a control panel, the administration interface also facilitates a fast and hassle-free installation of applications like WordPress or Joomla. I would like to emphasize that the AccountCenter is very user-friendly. Once again, the Parallels PowerPanel is available for server reboot, repair, rebuild or backup.

Money returned in case of uptime failure

I kept the best treat for last. When Media Temple says that the uptime is uninterruptible, those aren’t just empty words. If the user’s uptime is not 99.999%-perfect, he\she gets to be partially refunded, according to their 20/20 uptime guarantee. In short, for every 20 minutes of inexplicable downtime, (mt) Media Temple pledges to return 20% of the monthly sum of an elected service period plan. This is important because it demonstrates just how seriously (mt) Media Temple takes the uptime of their DV Managed and DV Developer clients.

It comes as no surprise that ringing names such as Sony or Red Bull (confirm with Alex) have selected (mt) Media Temple as a hosting provider. Their reliability, support and dedication seem to exceed those of any other hosting company.

[This was a sponsored review for Media Temple]

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