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Jake is a writer covering all topics related to web design & development. You can find more info at his personal website

10 Pure CSS Modal Window Snippets

Modal windows were always the realm of JavaScript and there are plenty of scripts to try. But with CSS3 it’s even easier to create a modal in pure CSS. The effects are somewhat limited but you can still make an excellent experience without relying on scripting. Most of these CSS examples are scattered to various corners of the web so I’ve curated some of the best ones here. These vary from simple code snippets to more thorough libraries but they’re all open source and reusable. 1. CSS Modal...

What’s new in WordPress 4.4

Each new version of WordPress brings enhanced features and bug fixes to improve the Web’s most-used blogging platform. The upcoming release of WordPress, version 4.4, is slated for sometime in early December 2015 with some interesting changes. The 4.4 codex page has already been created and is awaiting full details. But some release info has already been put out and should excite all fans of the WordPress platform. Greater oEmbed support ... WordPress 4.4 will include expanded support for oEmbed...

Vivaldi Browser goes beta with brand new features

Earlier this week Vivaldi browser finally released its first beta version to the public. Disappointed with the choices of available web browsers, ex-CEO of Opera Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner created Vivaldi to fill what he perceived as a gap in the market. Tetzchner created Vivaldi as an alternative to Opera and the many other household names like Safari and Firefox. Vivaldi is meant to be a browser that works exactly as you’d expect with loads of features for customization. The current browser...
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